The Gospel of Jesus Christ – The Lord Jesus Christ, in His person and His mission of saving humankind through His sinless life, sacrificial death, and glorious resurrection is “good news” to every person.  This gospel is the core of our existence at The Gathering Church, the supreme value over every value, the power of God for salvation.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is the central message of the Bible; it is what the Old Testament points towards and what the New Testament explains.  We will never get “beyond” the gospel in our Christian life.  It is not the first step of our Christian life but the very hub of our existence; it is not the ABC’s but the A to Z of Christianity.  At The Gathering, we believe that all spiritual renewal and revival comes through the continual “re-discovery” of the gospel.

We deeply value mission, family, and community, but the gospel must hold sway over every other value, every principle, every practice, everything.  The gospel is central and all must be subject to it; mission, family, and community.  We will never stop mining the infinite depths of the gospel, the implications of grace and the cross of Jesus Christ at The Gathering Church, in every family, in every sermon, in every community group.  Simply, when we lose the gospel, we lose everything.

Mission – Jesus has called every believer to proclaim His gospel and encourage others to join the mission, celebrating and displaying the beauty and glory of Jesus Christ to our world, to the city and to our own neighborhoods.  Mission is a fruit of truly embracing and believing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We aspire to be a church of missionaries.

Family – Often family can be sacrificed for the sake of mission and mission can be sacrificed for the sake of family.  We believe that both can be done well in the rhythms of our daily lives.  How parents nurture their children, how husbands love their wives, how wives relate to their husbands, is incredibly important because we are on display for a watching world.  The daily rhythms of loving our spouses and caring for our children should be “good news”.  We desire to do both well.

Community – We desire to acknowledge and recognize our need for one another as members of the Body of Christ, to be a part of a local church is to belong to Jesus Christ.  God is calling a people, not a loose association of individuals, and the local church is where this reality is lived out.  When we covenant together as one congregation, as active members, connected to Jesus Christ, using the gifts that Christ has given each of us, living out and speaking the truth in love to one another, it is a display of God’s glory.