Community Groups and Discipleship Triads

The Christian life cannot just be lived out on Sunday. Community Groups give us a context to be in each other’s lives on a consistent basis. They provide a place beyond the regular Sunday gathering where we can be transparent and grow in relationship with one another, and an opportunity to strategize about how to be a witness to Christ in our local communities.
We live in an individualistic culture that affects us to such a degree that we can feel “at home” with event-driven Christianity without any real connection with others. It is easy for us to “go to church”on Sunday, relax in a seat and receive what is placed before us, then leave and live a separate existence the rest of the week. But some things can easily be missed if we only attend the SundayService. We can begin to have a distorted view of what church is. Church is not an event, or a building, but a new community of saved sinners, called out to celebrate and display the excellencies of Jesus, who called us out of darkness and into his marvelous light (I Peter 2:9).
The way that we envision discipleship at The Gathering Church is not a highly structured system. Rather, we encourage and help members get connected with others that they can grow with and can meet with in groups of 3-4 weekly or bi-weekly for discipleship, nurture, and accountability. We encourage members to use their time together intentionally to do each other spiritual good, whether it’s reading Scripture together, studying a book, praying for one another or helping each other share the Good News of Jesus Christ.